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Services We Provide To The Community

Smoke Detector Installation                                                             

In conjunction with the American Red Cross we will provide and install smoke detectors to any resident of our coverage area. This includes reviewing or devloping a household fire safety plan.

Fire Safety Inspection

This is provided for commercial properties, group homes, school facilities, churches, and other public places of assembly within East Union Township.

Involved is a walk through and inspection of the facility to identify and correct any fire code problems before and accident occurs. Reviewed are electrical systems, extinguishers, exits, heating systems, occupancy and load calculations, and other safety measures deemed hazardous to public.

Our Program has been in place since 1986 and a noted drop in commercial structure fires is a result.

First Aid and CPR Training

Basic First Aid and Layperson CPR instructions are provided to the public and Amish Community. This includes review of basic safety procedures and methods to handle specific emergency situations.

An appointment is necessary to plan for time and materials needed for the class. These classes are structured such that you can handle the situation until EMS help arrives.

Certification can be provided if pre-arranged.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Basic fire extinguisher operation and usage is provided for civic groups, industrial employees and other such groups. Most always will be a Friday or Saturday and will include hands on instruction to put out small pre-set fires.

Fire Prevention Education

Programs are available for school age groups, grades K-3. Provided are handouts and instructions for preventing fires, what to do in case of a fire, and how to get help.

Please give us a call to schedule: 330.698.1371